Annual Report 2018
Annual Report 2018

The group


IMMOBEL is the largest listed Belgian property developer. Ever since its foundation in 1863, the Group develops and markets innovative urban projects in response to the needs of cities and their inhabitants. Thanks to its bold strategy and its 200 talents, IMMOBEL has diversified its expertise in various sectors such as residential, offices, retail, urban mixed- use developments, as well as housing estates and hospitality, and has now reached a market capitalisation in excess of 500 MEUR, thereby imposing itself as one of the market leaders.

IMMOBEL continues its pan-European expansion with a portfolio exceeding 820,000 m2 of developments spread over 6 countries (Belgium, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Poland, France, Spain and Germany) and assumes its corporate responsibility by giving back a part of its profits in support of charitable projects in the Health, Cultural and Social Inclusion domains. The Group is implementing a sustainable vision for urban development and is working towards becoming a CO2-efficient company.



  • A portfolio of iconic projects in Europe
  • Financial diversification and pan-European expansion
  • A Group focused on expansion, performance and inclusion
  • International vision and local expertise
  • Investing in developments suited to the new urban requirements
  • The expertise and know-how of a mixed urban projects developer

The IMMOBEL Spirit

IMMOBEL is a polyvalent developer which deploys expertise across the whole spectrum of the profession and which thus perfectly understands and masters every aspect of its activities. Thanks to its expertise and know-how in the three central aspects of the market - residential, offices, retail and landbanking - the Group operates in 360° mode and thus offers a global approach.

A successful development is proof that every phase of the operation has been scrupulously carried out, in terms of expertise, of risk assessment and of keeping to schedules. This is how a project is developed to its full potential.